Umbrellas exhaust and forced-air exhaust from stainless steel

Umbrellas exhaust and forced-air exhaust from stainless steel

Stainless steel exhaust and supply air hoods

Wall umbrellasIsland umbrellasGrease traps for umbrellas

Production of exhaust and supply and exhaust hoods with grease traps
  • In-house production of stainless steel exhaust and supply and exhaust hoods
  • Fast production time for umbrellas
  • Production of umbrellas of non-standard shapes and sizes according to your drawings
  • In addition to stainless steel umbrellas, you can purchase from us: air ducts, fittings, fans, fasteners and consumables
  • We work with both legal entities and individuals
The main characteristics of manufactured exhaust and supply and exhaust hoods
  • Exhaust and supply and exhaust hoods are made of AISI 430 and AISI 304 (food grade) stainless steel, the surface of the hood can have a mirror or matte surface (as agreed with the Customer)
  • By default, the umbrella does not have a tie-in / nozzle, because often installers make the tie-in themselves during installation, so as not to make a mistake with the location of the tie-in. At your request, a tie-in of the desired size, section shape and location is installed on the umbrella
  • By default, stainless steel umbrellas come with grease filters. It is also possible to supply umbrellas without filters
  • The umbrella is delivered in a protective film, which prevents damage to the surface of the umbrella

Classification of stainless steel umbrellas: types and types of umbrellas

There are several classifications of umbrellas that determine the principle of operation of the umbrella and its shape:

  1. According to the principle of operation, stainless steel umbrellas are divided into exhaust and supply and exhaust. Exhaust hoods provide only the exhaust of polluted air, while supply and exhaust hoods also provide fresh air.
  2. According to the type of construction, umbrellas are divided into wall and island (central). As the name implies, wall umbrellas are mounted to the wall. Island (central) umbrellas can be mounted in any part of the room, remote from the wall, because. suspended directly from the ceiling.
  3. In the shape of the frame. Both wall and island umbrellas are divided into three types of umbrella shape.

Stainless steel supply and exhaust hoods

The stainless steel supply and exhaust hood not only extracts air from the source of heat and pollution, but also provides fresh air to the workplace. Such umbrellas are especially necessary in rooms with a limited supply of fresh air and a large amount of heat-generating equipment. The air flow is carried out through special grilles on the visor of the umbrella. Supply tie-ins are installed on the top or side of the umbrella, to which the supply ventilation system is connected. Supply and exhaust hoods, as well as supply hoods, can be island and wall-mounted.

Due to the presence of additional elements and a more complex design, the price of a supply and exhaust hood is approximately 20-30% higher than the price of a supply hood.

You can specify the price of stainless steel umbrellas from our managers. To do this, you need to specify the type and size of the product you need.

The purpose of stainless steel hoods

Exhaust hoods made of stainless steel are used for extracting and cleaning hot air and vapors from grease and oil for their further transportation to the exhaust ventilation system. Thus, exhaust hoods perform a dual function:

  1. Improve the microclimate in the kitchen by removing excess heat, moisture and odors
  2. Protect the exhaust ventilation system from grease and oil. This feature is very important because Grease deposits on the internal surfaces of the ventilation system not only contaminate the system and lead to equipment failure, but can also lead to a fire.

Exhaust hoods are mounted above kitchen heating equipment, such as stoves, ovens, combi steamers, ovens, etc.

Selection and installation of exhaust and supply and exhaust hoods

When selecting an exhaust and supply and exhaust hood, first of all, take into account the location of the equipment and its size. If the equipment is located directly against the wall, then a wall-mounted umbrella is needed. If the equipment is removed from the wall or located in the center of the room, then an island umbrella is required. The overall dimension of the umbrella is calculated as follows: the lower part of the umbrella must be at least 100mm larger than the equipment on each side. The optimal height of the umbrella above the stove is 70-100cm.

Installation of exhaust hoods can be carried out in several ways:

  1. mounting the wall umbrella ZVP using anchors to the wall. Holes are made in the back wall of the umbrella through which the umbrella is bolted to the wall. If the umbrella has a long overhang, then additional fastening in front of the umbrella to the ceiling using studs or chains is recommended.
  2. mounting island and wall umbrellas with anchors and studs to the ceiling. In this case, the umbrella is attached only to the ceiling in several places through holes or lugs on the umbrella.
  3. mounting umbrellas on cables or chains. Fastening is similar to the previous paragraph, but chains or cables are used instead of studs. This method of fastening is less rigid and not always suitable.
  4. mounted using a special support frame. If the ceilings are too high or it is not possible to attach to them, then it is possible to manufacture a supporting frame structure that will hold the umbrella.

If you need to install a large umbrella, it is advisable to order several separate umbrellas and then connect them during installation. This will simplify the process of manufacturing, transportation and installation.

The umbrella has a protective film that protects the steel surface from damage. This film is recommended to be removed after the installation of the umbrella is completed in order to avoid scratches and abrasions that can spoil the appearance of the umbrella.

Café and restaurant hood

The main scope of exhaust umbrellas is the organization of an extract in cafe, restaurants and any other public catering establishments. When cooking over stoves, broilers, ovens, ovens and other kitchen heat equipment emits a large amount of heat and a variety of odors. In order for the kitchen staff to work comfortably, and for visitors to cafes and restaurants to enjoy being in the establishment, it is necessary to install exhaust and supply and exhaust hoods above the heating equipment.

Umbrellas used in catering establishments must be made of stainless steel to avoid oxidation of the umbrella from the action of hot air. Grease filters and all other structural elements of the umbrella must also be made of stainless steel.

For the most efficient hood in the kitchen of a cafe and restaurant, the exhaust ventilation system should include a fan. Also, the fan can be installed directly in the channel on the exhaust pipe of the umbrella.

Exhaust hoods ZVP made of stainless steel are often called local ventilation exhausts (LVO).

How an umbrella works

Hot air with particles of oil and fat enters the umbrella, where it passes through a labyrinth-type grease filter. Hitting the filter walls, the air with impurities is cooled and all fat and oil settles on the inner surface of the grease trap and, further, flows down the filter to a special drain fitting. Purified and cooled air enters from the umbrella into the exhaust ventilation system.

The grease filters of an umbrella need to be cleaned periodically to remove the grease accumulated in them. The cleaner your grease trap, the more efficient your umbrella will be. Cleaning is carried out with water and detergents. If, due to strong contamination, it becomes impossible to clean the filter, you can order a separate filter for your umbrella.


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