Round air ducts made of galvanized steel

Round air ducts made of galvanized steel

Round air ducts and fittings for them are made of galvanized steel up to 2500mm long and b-0.5mm b-0.7mm b-1.0mm 1.2mm thick. Diameter from Ø80 to Ø1600mm.

Also, galvanized air ducts with a circular cross section are different from ventilation pipes with a rectangular cross section and are more advantageous. the round section does not have turbulence, hence the efficiency of ventilation, the optimal speed of air movement, low noise level and ease of installation work. The weight of round ones is less, the joints have greater tightness, and it is easier to install such air ducts.

Circular Duct Connection Type

  • Flanged
  • Nipple

Air ducts made of galvanized steel are allowed to be used almost everywhere: in any climatic conditions and for any type of ventilation. The only limitation is that they cannot be used to transport aggressive gas-air mixtures. The protective layer of zinc on the inner and outer surface of the air duct protects it from corrosion, and even on damaged areas, a protective film is formed when interacting with oxygen.


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