Cyclones TsN24

Cyclone TsN-24 are designed to purify air, as well as other gas mixtures from dust and small particles. Such equipment is used in various sectors of the national economy, including the food industry, as well as in agriculture. Their use allows you to quickly pre-clean the air – cyclones TsN-24 are distinguished by high throughput. At the same time, the degree of air filtration provided by such devices is insufficient for them to be used independently – as a rule, it is recommended to operate TsN-24 cyclones in conjunction with other, more efficient dust collectors.

Such equipment has a fairly simple design, is reliable and durable. TsN-24 cyclones are simple and reliable in operation, due to which devices of this category are quite common. Currently, the TsN-24 cyclones are produced in several modifications, the main differences between which are performance (capacity) and overall dimensions.

Designed to separate from the gaseous medium of suspended particles of dry dust formed in various grinding and crushing plants, during the transportation of bulk materials, as well as fly ash.

For fibrous and sticky dust, for cleaning a gaseous medium in which there is a drop-liquid phase or vapor condensation is possible, these cyclones should not be used.

The slope of the inlet pipe is 24°.

Cyclones TsN-24 can only be used with reduced cleaning requirements, for example, when it is used as a preliminary cleaning stage.


Cyclone TsN-24 without casting Cyclone TsN-24 with volute


  1. cone,
  2. cylinder,
  3. exhaust pipe,
  4. screw cap,
  5. inlet pipe,
  6. snail,
  7. support flange.

Technical characteristics of TsN-24 Cyclones

Cyclone typePerformance
by air m3/h
A, mmV, mmMass,
Cyclone TsN-24-4002000400170444410484
Cyclone TsN-24-50032005002130556130131
Cyclone TsN-24-60046006002556666156189
Cyclone TsN-24-70062007002982777182257
Cyclone TsN-24-80081008003408888208336
Cyclone TsN-24-900103009003834999234425
Cyclone TsN-24-100012700100042601110260525
Cyclone TsN-24-120018300120051121332312756
Cyclone TsN-24-1400250001400596415543641029
Cyclone TsN-24-1600326001600681617764161344
Cyclone TsN-24-1800412001800766819984681701
Cyclone TsN-24-2000502002000862022205202125
Cyclone TsN-24-24007320024001022426646243024
Cyclone TsN-24-300011440030001278033307804725



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