Cyclones TsN11

Cyclones TsN-11 are designed to separate suspended particles of dry dust from the gaseous medium, which are formed in various grinding and crushing plants, during the transportation of bulk materials, as well as fly ash.

For fibrous and sticky dust, for cleaning a gaseous medium in which there is a drop-liquid phase or vapor condensation is possible, these cyclones should not be used.

The choice of cyclone size should be made based on the performance of the ventilation unit and the allowable pressure loss in the cyclone, which is recommended to be used in the range of 0.7–1.2 kPa. If it is necessary to increase the efficiency of the cyclone, the upper limit of 1.2 kPa can be exceeded, in accordance with the total pressure that the fan can provide. Taking the pressure loss in the cyclone below 0.5 kPa is not recommended due to a significant decrease in the efficiency of air purification.

Cyclone TsN-11 should be installed on the suction side of the ventilation unit. In this case, the static pressure will be much less than atmospheric pressure, and, focusing on this pressure and the corresponding air flow in the cyclone inlet pipe, it is necessary to determine the air throughput of the cyclone.

Approximately, the efficiency of the cyclone in cleaning air dusted with ordinary quartz dust with a particle size of more than 10-20 microns should be taken equal to 85%.

The maximum allowable vacuum is 5 kPa.

The cyclone is manufactured in right and left hand versions and consists of the following main parts: cylinder, screw cap, exhaust pipe, cone and inlet pipe.


Cyclone TsN-11 without snail Cyclone TsN-11 with snail

  1. cone,
  2. cylinder,
  3. exhaust pipe,
  4. screw cap,
  5. inlet pipe,
  6. snail,
  7. support flange.




Technical characteristics of TsN-11 Cyclones

NameAir capacity m3/hD, mmN, mmWeight, kg
Cyclone TsN-11-250420-620250115024
Cyclone TsN-11-315670-960315144037
Cyclone TsN-11-400970-1270400186266
Cyclone TsN-11-5001510-1980500230088
Cyclone TsN-11-6302403-31406302870247
Cyclone TsN-11-8003880-50708003615391

Cyclone TsN-11 with volute and pyramidal bunker

by air, m3/h
Overall dimensions, mmWeight, kg
Cyclone TsN-11-250x1UP420-620550*550*2270118
Cyclone TsN-11-315х1УП670-960550*550*2493135
Cyclone TsN-11-250х2УП840-1240550*1050*2270188
Cyclone TsN-11-315х2УП1340-1920550*1050*2493221
Cyclone TsN-11-400х1УП970-1270800*800*345266
Cyclone TsN-11-500х1УП1510-1980800*800*391088
Cyclone TsN-11-630х1УП2403-31401250*1250*4804247
Cyclone TsN-11-800х1УП3880-50701250*1250*5584391

CYCLONES TsN-11 400-800 are designed to separate from the gaseous medium of suspended particles formed during grinding or crushing, transportation of bulk materials and fly ash. These cyclones are not used to purify a gaseous medium in which vapor condensation is possible. Air capacity of cyclones TsN-11 is 970-5070 m3/h.


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