Spiral wound ducts

Spiral wound ducts

Round spiral-wound air ducts are made of galvanized tape 137mm wide and b-0.5mm b0.7mm b-1.0mm and Ø100-Ø1400 thick. Depending on the diameter of the air duct, the thickness of the metal changes, and additional stiffeners can also be added to the manufacture of START.

The advantage of spirally wound air ducts is that they have a more aesthetic appearance and are often elements of the decor of shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, and offices.

Spiral-coiled duct connection type

  • Nipple

Galvanized steel air ducts are allowed to be used almost everywhere: in any climatic conditions and for any type of ventilation. The only limitation is that they cannot be used to transport aggressive gas-air mixtures. The protective layer of zinc on the inner and outer surface of the air duct protects it from corrosion, and even on damaged areas, a protective film is formed when interacting with oxygen.


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