Cyclone TsN15

Cyclones TsN-15

Cyclones of the type TsN-15 (NIIOgaz) are the most versatile type of cyclones. They are designed for dry cleaning of gases emitted during certain technological processes (drying, roasting, agglomeration, fuel combustion, etc.), as well as aspiration air in various industries (ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical, oil and machine-building industries, industry building materials, energy, etc.)

The use of cyclones TsN-15 in this design is unacceptable in toxic and explosive environments; they cannot be used to trap highly sticky dusts.

Cyclones TsN-15 can be manufactured in explosion-proof design (explosive valves are structurally provided, and the hopper has a minimum size to avoid the accumulation of explosive dust). However, such a performance is produced extremely rarely and exclusively by special order.

To increase the service life of cyclones, it is permissible in places of greatest wear (in the lower part of the cone, in the inlet part of the volute) to weld additional sheets on the outside of the walls of the cyclones. Cyclones with a diameter of less than 800 mm are not recommended for capturing abrasive dusts due to increased wear.

Depending on the capacity of air (gas) and the conditions of use, TsN-15 cyclones are manufactured as a single or group design – from two, three, four, six and eight cyclones. Group cyclones can be with a chamber of purified air in the form of a “snail” or in the form of a collector, and single – only with a snail.


Symbol for single cyclone size:

  • TSN – NIIOgaz cyclone;
  • 15 – inlet pipe inclination angle relative to the horizontal (degrees);
  • R, L – “Right” (“Left”) rotation of the gas; h
  • 600 is the inner diameter of the cylindrical part of the cyclone (mm);

The material for the manufacture of cyclones is carbon steel at an ambient temperature of up to 40°C. At temperatures below -40°C, low-alloyed steels are used.


Permissible dust content of gas, g/m3:

  • for weakly sticking dusts – no more than 1000;
  • for medium agglomerating dusts – 250;
  • The temperature of the gas to be purified, °С – no more than 400;
  • Maximum pressure (vacuum), kgf/m2 (kPa) – 500 (5);
  • Optimal speed, m/s:
  • under normal conditions Vc(Vin) – 3.5 (16.0);
  • when working with abrasive dust Vc(Vin) – 2.5 (11.4);

Cyclone TsN-15 without volute Cyclone TsN-15 with volute

  1. conical part,
  2. cylindrical part,
  3. screw cap,
  4. snail,
  5. inlet pipe,
  6. exhaust pipe.

Technical characteristics of TsN-15 Cyclones

NameAir capacity m3/hDiameter, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
Cyclones without volute and hopper
Cyclone TsN-15-200282-45020091235
Cyclone TsN-15-300828-954300136840
Cyclone TsN-15-4001450-1691400182472
Cyclone TsN-15-4501835-2141450205291
Cyclone TsN-15-5002270-26455002280112
Cyclone TsN-15-5502740-32005502508136
Cyclone TsN-15-6003262-38106002736162
Cyclone TsN-15-6503825-44606502964190
Cyclone TsN-15-7004400-51807003192220
Cyclone TsN-15-7505100-59507503420253
Cyclone TsN-15-8005800-67408003648288
Cyclone TsN-15-9005700-92009004104364
Cyclone TsN-15-10007100-1130010004560450
Cyclone TsN-15-120010200-1620012005472647
Cyclone TsN-15-140013900-2220014006384881

Technical characteristics of cyclones TsN-15x1UP

NameAir capacity m3/hL, mmB, mmN, mmWeight, kg
Cyclones with volute and pyramidal hopper
Cyclone TsN-15-200х1УП282-450464464150081
Cyclone TsN-15-300х1УП828-9546926922493170
Cyclone TsN-15-400х1УП1450-16916926923000260
Cyclone TsN-15-450х1УП1835-21417907903333315
Cyclone TsN-15-500х1УП2270-26457907903665370
Cyclone TsN-15-550х1УП2740-32009309304024435
Cyclone TsN-15-600х1УП3262-38109309304382500
Cyclone TsN-15-650х1УП3825-4460103210324735575
Cyclone TsN-15-700х1УП4400-5180103210325088650
Cyclone TsN-15-750х1УП5100-5950111511155396725
Cyclone TsN-15-800х1УП5800-6740111511155704800
Cyclone TsN-15-900х1УП5700-9200123012306310980
Cyclone TsN-15-1000х1УП7100-113001330133069261170
Cyclone TsN-15-1200х1УП10200-162001530153082481600
Cyclone TsN-15-1400х1УП13900-222001720172094702130


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