Cyclone tsol

Cyclones COL are designed to clean dusty air coming from aspiration and pneumatic networks.
Centrifugal dust separators COL trap coarse dust (dust with a particle size of more than 126 µ): sawdust, weeds, grain dust and other impurities.

Design and principle of operation.

Cyclones consist of a cylinder, a cone, an exhaust pipe, a cap, a regulator. The cylinder is the main working part of the cyclone. Dusty air enters the upper part of the cylinder through the inlet pipe and receives a helical movement along the cylindrical part of the cyclone. Under the action of centrifugal force, dust particles are pressed against the cylinder wall and roll down into the cyclone cone. The dust collected in the cone is removed from the cyclone through the dust outlet, and the purified air is discharged through the exhaust pipe. The cap is mounted on the exhaust pipe flange and protects the cyclone from precipitation.Instead of a cap, a volute can be installed on the exhaust pipe flange, which changes the direction of the flow of purified air.

A design feature of the TsOL cyclones is the presence of an anti-sucking cone device that serves to regulate the pressure in the inlet pipe of the cyclone working for injection. There is a hatch in the cone to provide the possibility of adjusting the throttle position and, as a result, the quality of cleaning the air emitted into the atmosphere from dust.



Air inlet rate 16…18%
Cleaning ratio 70…98%

Cyclone ZOL



Cyclone typeAir capacity m3/hDiameter, mmHeight, mmWeight, kg
Cyclone TsOL-11000453150347
Cyclone TsOL-1,51500560183865
Cyclone TsOL-330007882653125
Cyclone TsOL-4,545009693260175
Cyclone TsOL-6600011053733274
Cyclone TsOL-9900013674529400
Cyclone TsOL-121200015805266598
Cyclone TsOL-181800019326341840

Cyclones are made of steel: Art. 3, 1.5 mm – TsOL-1 – TsOL-6, 2 mm – TsOL-9 – TsOL-18


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