Cyclone 4BTsSh

Battery units of types 4BTsSh are designed to capture medium-dispersed dust in pneumatic transport systems and aspiration plants. They are used in grain processing plants, food industry and agriculture.

How it works:

Dusty air enters the cyclones through the inlet pipe and receives a rotational helical motion. Dust particles under the action of centrifugal force are pressed against the walls of the cyclones, lose speed and roll down into the collecting cone. With the help of a sluice gate assembly, the collected dust is discharged into the dust pipeline, and the purified air is discharged from the cyclones upwards or sideways through the exhaust pipes of the cyclones and the collecting box into the purified air duct.
The standard size and designation of the battery installation are determined by the diameter of the cyclones included in it.

Battery installations consist of a prefabricated box, four cyclones of right and left execution, a common bunker.

Шthe gate valve is supplied by separate order.

  • Recommended dusty air entry speed:

— for grain dust — 13 — 16 m/s

                                                                                                                                                                 For flour dust – 16-18 m/s

  • Cleaning efficiency of coarse grain dust – 95 – 98%
  • Cyclone resistance up to 800 Pa. at an entry speed of 18 m/s


NameAir capacity m3/hD, mmH, mmdin, mmExit and x inWeight, kg
Cyclone 4BTsSh-2001060-13252002280195330х120120
Cyclone 4BTsSh-2251325-16802252450215360х140140
Cyclone 4BTsSh-2501650-20902502620245390х160160
Cyclone 4BTsSh-2752050-25302752790255420х180182
Cyclone 4BTsSh-3002400-30203002960285450х200206
Cyclone 4BTsSh-3252850-35603253140300485х225232
Cyclone 4BTsSh-3503250-41303503320320520х250260
Cyclone 4BTsSh-3753750-47503753500350570х275290
Cyclone 4BTsSh-4004250-53004003670380620х300320
Cyclone 4BTsSh-4254750-60004253835400645х310350
Cyclone 4BTsSh-4505400-67404504000420670х320382
Cyclone 4BTsSh-4756060-75204754170460705х335416
Cyclone 4BTsSh-5006700-83505004350480740х350452
Cyclone 4BTsSh-5257350-92205254510490775х365491
Cyclone 4BTsSh-5508100-101405504680520810х380531



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