The steel chimney can be made of stainless or black steel. Stainless steel is more expensive, but has a higher performance. All steel chimneys are characterized by the following advantages:

-Smoothness of the inner surface, which allows the smoke to escape unhindered.

– Versatility of application.

-Ability to create modular designs that are quick, easy and clean to assemble.

-Possibility of installation during construction or after finishing the house.

– Possibility of long-term operation with maintaining high efficiency.

– Lack of destruction and blockages inside the chimney throughout the entire service life.


An ordinary steel chimney is usually assembled from several sections with a diameter of 90 to 700 mm and a length of up to 1 m. The design of the chimney may also require the use of splitters and elbows.


Sandwich Chimney


This is a construction of two steel pipes nested one inside the other with filling the gap with heat-insulating material. The diameter of such a chimney is determined by the inner pipe. During operation, the heat-insulating layer assumes the main temperature load from the inner pipe, preventing the outer pipe from heating up above the permissible values. This makes sandwich chimneys ideal for use in wooden houses, where fire safety issues are especially acute. Otherwise, sandwich chimneys retain all the advantages inherent in conventional steel chimneys.


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