Gutter systems

Gutter systems


The drainage system is the final element of the roof.

Without a drain, the runoff of water from the roof is called unorganized drainage, which leads to dampness in the building. Therefore, the gutter system is designed to drain water through the gutters and downpipes to the drainage system and storm sewers. Also, the drainage system plays an important decorative role. A house with a gutter system looks attractive, its outlines have a finished look.

Roof drainage systems are used in almost all buildings and structures. Gutter systems can withstand significant loads: a significant amount of snow, ice, precipitation, etc. Modern drains can be made of galvanized steel, alloys, PVC (plastic), polymer-coated metal.

Plastic gutter systems are less reliable, poorly meet fire safety requirements, fade in the sun, and can also warp and crack. Therefore, the most affordable and proven long-term operation for industrial premises, residential buildings, houses is galvanized steel gutter, which is manufactured by our company.

The gutter system has a round section, is made of galvanized steel, includes all the necessary elements and additional accessories to create an effective system.

The gutter system is used as part of roofing systems and is suitable for buildings of all types.


  • has high mechanical strength, rigidity, reliability, especially in combination with roof safety elements – snow retainers;
  • in the production of gutters, galvanized metal is used, which makes it resistant to corrosion and mechanical stress, temperature changes;
  • does not lose color for a long time;
  • simplicity, ease of installation, light weight, excellent maintainability;

Drainage elements:


– receiving funnel

– drainpipe


-plug (left/right)

– corner chute

– through funnel

– bracket for pipe (dowel)

– bracket for gutter


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