DEFLECTOR type TsAGI series 5.904.-51

The TsAGI ventilation deflector performs several functions: it enhances the exhaust in the ventilation system, prevents back draft, and protects the ventilation system from atmospheric precipitation. The principle of operation of the deflector is based on the laws of physics: air blows over the product from the outside, while inside the deflector the pressure drops below atmospheric pressure. Air masses tend to a zone of low pressure, i.e. draft is generated in the ventilation system and the air is drawn out. Most often, the deflector is used in ventilation systems with natural impulses.

The TsAGI deflector consists of the following parts:

  1. A spigot that connects to a duct or passage assembly. It serves as an exhaust shaft.
  2. Diffuser – an expanding cone that goes from the nozzle to the top of the deflector
  3. Outer nozzle/shell
  4. Cap protecting ventilation from precipitation
  5. Cap lugs

Making a ventilation deflector
The deflector is made of galvanized steel. The TsAGI deflector has calculated dimensions and shapes, which are not recommended to be radically changed. For example, for each deflector diameter, the height and diameter of the outer cup have already been calculated, at which the device has maximum performance. If these dimensions are changed for ease of installation, beauty, or other reasons, then the deflector may no longer create the necessary traction. Ventilation system deflectors are manufactured according to the 5.904-51 series.

Mounting the deflector on the pipe

Ventilation deflectors are mounted on the roof of the room. Installation of the product is carried out directly on the air duct or on roof passageway. When installing the deflector on the duct, several rules should be considered:

  1. The deflector must be installed in such a way that it is blown by the wind in any direction.
  2. It cannot be mounted in areas of aerodynamic shadows, for example from a neighboring building
  3. To create an air draft, the deflector must be mounted at a height exceeding the roof level by 1.5-2 meters.
  4. The galvanized deflector is designed to extract non-aggressive air masses.
  5. Installing a damper/gate in the ventilation duct in front of the deflector will avoid excessive draft in strong winds.

Ordering a TsAGI deflector for air ducts

To order a deflector, you must specify its connecting size, i.e. diameter of the pipe on which it will be installed. You should also indicate the type of connection: nipple or flange.


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